Where to find us on the internet (Facebook, YouTube, Zoom etc.)

Please find below various links to services, prayers, films and so forth produced in the Birmingham Methodist District and Bromsgrove & Redditch Methodist Church Circuit which we hope you might access and find helpful.

1. District Service.
Every Sunday commencing 10.30am. Live on Facebook and via the District Website: www.birminghammethodist.org.uk/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Birminghammethodistdistrict/

2. 8am Morning prayers.
Monday to Friday daily, with Stephen Levett, following the Methodist prayer handbook.
Simply search for Stephen Levett on Facebook. ideally ask to be made a friend of his.

There are also other prayer times throughout the day on Facebook. Do join them search for them on Facebook:
9.30am Gwyn Bamford
5pm Ruth Wilson – Monday – Thursday
9pm Victoria Barlow – Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday

3. Circuit YouTube channel.
This contains various pre-recorded films, including weekly Sunday and other reflections and weekly services launched at 0.01 am on a Sunday and then available to watch any time after.

Some of the daily prayer times are also uploaded to YouTube for those folk who don’t have or don’t like Facebook, though after they have gone out live.

YouTube address: www.youtube.com/channel/UCa8IJUQ_2cNHSb58YGEqC_g

or search Bromsgrove & Redditch Methodist Church Circuit

You don’t need to sign up to watch this. But if you do open a YouTube account you can become a subscriber which I think means you can get notifications when something new gets uploaded. The alternative is simply to look out for publicity or visit from time to time.

4. Circuit Website.
This is our main source for circuit information. Various blogs (i.e. writings and notices!) and information about events usually get publicised here. BARCOT usually also appears here along with a service sheet for use at home by those who can’t get on the internet. The site is updated regularly so worth visiting from time to time

5. Zoom (video conferencing)
This is a way to see and hear multiple people over the internet. If you have an ipad or smart phone you can download an app and that is the easiest way to access it. If you haven’t got a smart phone/ipad you can access it through a computer by I think just searching for Zoom. You usually have to sign in to a meeting with a number and password. I usually set up time for a ‘cuppa after the service’ around 11.45am on Sundays. You can find the details on the circuit website usually from some time on Friday. Look for the relevant event.

6. Podcast
This is my own personal project and not particularly about faith. It is audio and not film. At present I am creating in episodes a series named ‘The British War on Covid-19: A very very rough first draft.
It can be found on the internet here: https://revlev66.podbean.com/

7. Facebook

Follow the Circuit at Bromsgrove and Redditch Methodist Church Circuit.

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