What is the Circuit?

The Circuit is the way the ten separate Methodist Churches* in the Bromsgrove and Redditch area work together as a team.

What is a Christian Church? Each congregation is a group of people gathered together around the memory of, teaching, purposes, presence and power of God as we believe it is particularly revealed to us through the words and life of Jesus Christ. We believe Jesus brings and is Good News which is meant to be shared!

Whilst each congregation is encouraged to be its unique self, there is a blessing in unity. We build this by coming together, sharing resources and supporting one another. To find out more about the life of an individual church click on the relevant link. To find out more about the circuit and some key personnel click on the ‘Meet the Team’ tab.

* The ten Churches reach from Catshill in the north to Alcester in the south. Three of the churches are united congregations (two with the Church of England and one with the United Reformed Church).

Coming together

People from the congregations come together for united worship (Circuit Services), learning and fellowship, and for consultation and discussion through the Circuit Meeting.

Sharing Resources

We share people. The team of ministers (ordained and lay) each work in and through a number of churches each.
In addition Local Preachers who are themselves members of a local church lead many services across the circuit.
Further still there are officers who oversee, organise and offer support on behalf of and to each of the ten churches (e.g. Property, Finance, Safeguarding, training of preachers.)

Meet the team

We share other resources, notably finance where each church contributes what it is able to give to a central budget which funds the costs of ministers and some regional and national costs.

Supporting one another

At times people from the other nine congregations will support events and activities going on in the other one.
At times the Circuit provides the means for local churches to hear from and communicate with the wider Methodist Church at District and National level. For more details on the wider Methodist church see the Birmingham District and Methodist Connexional Websites, which can be located under the Links section.