What we believe

Faith Believed

We have beliefs and convictions about God:
We believe there is a God who make all creation and loves us.
We believe that God came amongst us and was revealed through Jesus; who through his presence, being, teaching and deeds of suffering, dying and rising again enables us to know and draw near to God.
We believe that God lives in his people through the Holy Spirit, enabling them to experience God’s presence and to live as God wills his people to live.

We believe the God revealed as Father, Son and Holy Spirit is one God in three persons.

We believe all this is Good News!

We don’t believe all Christians must believe and think the same in all matters. There is room for diversity, exploration and questioning.

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We recognise believing is not always easy. There is room for doubts and questioning.

Come along to one of our churches and obtain booklets on difficult questions, and meet with the church and ask questions.

Faith Experienced: Spirituality.

We believe faith is not simply abut what you believe but who you believe in; not simply ideas about God but experience of and encounters with God. We believe in what the founders of Methodism called ‘experiential religion.’
We believe in seeking the presence of God, and transformation of our human experience and being through encounter with God; who can be known as a loving parent, changed through the work of Jesus Christ, and who indwells us through the Holy Spirit.

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We believe faith in and experience of God is aided by faith forming practices. In particular we value exploration of the Bible as a means to discovering God’s word to us and a means by which God speaks, and Prayer and Meditation as a means of communication with God.

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Faith lived

We believe that Christian faith is not simply about belief and experience, but is a faith to be lived out in daily life.
We believe in the teachings of Jesus.
We believe his many teachings can be summarised in one word: Love. Love God; love one another; love your neighbour as yourself.

Faith in community

We believe Christian faith is personal not private.
We believe faith is best explored and developed in the community of the Church.
We gather for worship of God, to hear preaching, offer prayers and share in Holy Communion.
We believe the church is a community of learning, where through preaching, teaching and sharing insights with one another we can all grow in faith.
We believe the church should be a ‘laboratory of love’, where through fellowship and care we seek to grow in love for one another.
We believe the church should be an open, outward looking community which through invitation, welcome, inclusion, service and giving reaches out to others with the love of God in multiple ways.

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