Sing your part: Learn to sing four part harmony and sing the wondrous story!

‘Methodist Churches are famous for their hymn singing’. That’s how it is meant to be. But many of us are not as confident and equipped as people in days gone by, and perhaps never learned to read music. Maybe we wish we could join in those harmonies we sometimes still hear others boldly singing out. ‘Impossible’ we may think. Well, maybe it is more possible than we think. What if you could visit this website, take a music book in hand, follow the notes, and by listening to either the Soprano, Alto, Tenor or Bass line, learn your part for at least a few hymns?

We want to explore whether this website can play a part in helping some of us become more confident singers. Below you will find links to the four parts for just one tune of one hymn in the Singing the Faith hymnbook, namely 323(ii): I will sing the wondrous story. Have a listen, have a go and let us know what you think.

If there is sufficient interest over time we will add other hymns and parts (subject to copywrite restrictions).

Thanks to Ruth Henley for creating these MP3 tunes.
Happy singing!
Rev Steve Levett





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