Dates for the diary UPDATED JULY 18TH 2023: Circuit Calendar 2023/24

Though the future remains uncertain we still need to make some plans. Please click the link for a document containing some dates of meetings at Circuit level, with a few District and National events thrown in, which may be useful when planning events at local church level

To download the calendar click on the link below:

Circuit diary 2023/24 ( at 18th July 2023)

Circuit level meetings: Circuit, Circuit Leadership Team (CLT), Invitations committee, LPWL meeting (Local Preachers Meeting), Treasurers Meeting

Note: This diary does not, in the main, include services of worship be they midweek or Sunday.

Note 2: Meetings to start at 7:30pm unless otherwise stated 


Wed 6th September      CLT Meeting                      

Sat 9th September       10am   District:  Synod

Mon 11th September      Circuit Meeting

Wed 20th September        Vision Day 2 Follow Up

Wed 27th September        LPWL Meeting

Wed 11th October           District Council

Thurs 19th October            CLT Meeting

(October: Church councils)

Sat 4th November                Diversity and Inclusion Training

Tues 14th November            District Grants Meeting

Sat 25th November              Daytime: Circuit Stewards and Treasurers Meeting

Wed 29th November            CLT Meeting                                                      

Tues 5th December             LPWL Meeting


Thurs 11th January             CLT Meeting

Wed 24th January             Circuit Meeting

Thurs 25th January             District Council

Jan 29th – Feb 1st              District Ministers Retreat

(February: Church Councils)

NOTE: Ash Wednesday 14th February

Thurs 7th March                    LPWL Meeting

Wed 13th March                 CLT Meeting                                                      

Thurs 14th March                9.30am  Presbyterial Synod

15th – 17th March                Youth Amplified Weekend

Wed 20th March                  District Council

NOTE: Good Friday 29th March; Easter Day 31st March

Sat 20th April                      9.30am Spring Synod

Thurs 25th April                    CLT Meeting

Tues 6th June                      CLT Meeting

Sat 11th May                       Circuit Stewards and Treasurers Meeting

Wed 5th June                    LPWL Meeting

Thurs 13th June                  Circuit invitations committee (if needed)

Thurs 20th June                    Circuit Meeting

27th June – 3rd July           Methodist Conference

Thurs 27th June                     CLT Meeting

Thurs 11th July                           District Council

Thurs 8th August                      CLT Meeting


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