Zooming around? A thing of the past or the future?

What are we taking into the future?

As restrictions ease, many of us are now starting to meet others socially, some with trepidation and others in a more carefree way.

During the coronavirus pandemic, many of us have learnt new skills, spent more time using smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop PCs to meet others and have a chat. It’s no longer a pastime for those with family overseas who were already used to “skyping” each other.

Catshill Methodist Church ran a regular virtual Coffee Shop through 2020-2021 and also had Sunday worship on Zoom. We are now meeting again in person for worship on Sunday mornings and for coffee shop on Friday and Saturday mornings. We are also currently committed to holding one Sunday morning service per month as a live streamed service for those who wish to worship together using Zoom.

We would like to hear from anyone who would like to continue Zoom activities and values what this style of gathering can offer – social events, prayer times, worship, discussion. Would you like one-off occasional events or something more regular?

Tell us what you think and want to take from our pandemic experience into the future.

Please email catshillmethodistsecretary@gmail.com with your thoughts and ideas.

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