You’ve heard of the Walk to Emmaus. How about the run to Jerusalem?!

At Easter time we Christians will often revisit the story of the two followers of Jesus who encountered him on the road after his resurrection. It is often known as the walk to Emmaus, the village seven miles from Jerusalem to which they were heading. Now I’ve heard a lot made about the walk to Emmaus, but less about the run to Jerusalem that followed. I’ve heard even less about actually doing it! To put that right here is the plan. On Easter Sunday, quite late in the day (read the story – see Luke 24 vv11-35),setting off around 4.20pm. I will run seven miles back from some Emmaus to some Jerusalem of my choosing – on this occasion it will be from Redditch to Bromsgrove! One fellow disciple will run with me (read the story. And it happens to meet Covid safety requirements). That person will be John Legge.

A tee shirt that will NOT be available for those taking part.

If others wanted to join us in the run please do so. Although not quite faithful to the story we are allowed to run in suitably distanced groups of six. (You will however need to arrange safe transport back to Redditch or wherever you came from, in line with Covid safety guidelines – unless of course you want to run all the way back!)

When we get to the finish at Bromsgrove Methodist Church we hope to hold a brief service. When we get there (time to be confirmed – Hopefully around 5.30pm. It depends on how quickly we run!?) if any happen to be there to greet us we can say to them ‘We’ve got news: Jesus is alive!’ to which they can reply ‘We already know!’ (read the story!).

Likely route from ‘Emmaus’ (Redditch), with 2.8 miles to add to get us to ‘Jerusalem'(Bromsgrove Methodist Church)

In the story the run began after Jesus had made himself known to the disciples in the breaking of the bread. Therefore myself and John Legge will share in communion before setting off, along with any fellow runners. By April 4th we are permitted to gather in groups of six outdoors, so if four people wanted to join us please get in touch.

P.S. If you happened to want to walk some or all of the way to ‘Emmaus’, or encounter the runners on their way back to ‘Jerusalem’, please contact Rev Steve Levett for the anticipated route (email: tel: 07505 011327 or 01527 575017)

P.S.2. There is no reference in the Bible story to the ‘bicycle ride to Emmaus/Jerusalem.’ However if anyone did decide to travel that way it is doable with care and probably takes less effort!

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