Latika Singh

Probationer Minister with responsibility for Catshill, Lickey End and Alcester Methodist Churches
Associated Circuit Locations: Catshill Lickey End Alcester
My name is Latika and I am a probationary minister. I recently, joined the Bromsgrove & Redditch Circuit after completing my training of Theology, Ministry and Mission from Queens Foundation Birmingham. I was born and brought up in a loving Christian family in India and many of my family members have been in ministry for generations and it is partly because of this that the Church has always been an important part of my life and so I always felt at home in the church.
I came to the Methodist church in the U.K with my family in 2004. My church background is of the Church of North India but the early years of my education and Sunday school took place in a Methodist school and a church nearby. At the time I did not know that one day I would become a Methodist many years later in Britain under God’s plan. My family and my surrounding in which I grew up as a Christian have been significant in making who I am now. They encouraged me to discover my gifts and skills and then I was able to share them at different levels and in variety of ways, finally exploring a call to full-time Ministry and I praise God for this. I am very happy and delighted to be a Methodist minister joining this circuit to love and serve the Lord and His people in this area, to glorify God.
I believe that we all are connected with one another because our Creator is one Lord, Almighty God, who created us all in his image and that we are part of all God’s design. So, we need to be able to be considerate, caring and to value one another, living harmoniously within all God’s beautiful creation and in doing so, give all glory and honour to God.