Pray for Peckwood

On Sunday 16th April 2023 between 11am and 2pm, we are inviting the Circuit and others beyond the Circuit to pray for the work of Peckwood.    The Circuit is starting a fledgling NPNP (New Places for New People).   This can’t be done without prayer and below you’ll find A Prayer for Peckwood.  What is an NPNP, well, here in Bromsgrove & Redditch the CLT have discerned that the Circuit should be using Peckwood as a focal point for mission, for outreach, but most of all to lead people to know Jesus Christ in a personal relationship.  It is hoped that, in the fullness of time, a church community will emerge; a community that seeks to encounter God beyond the walls of church buildings.  Thinking about matters of creation, the natural world, bio-diversity, ecology and climate concerns, well-being, retreat, sabbatical, story-telling, walking and wondering are just of the plans.  Intergenerational and inclusive Peckwood Forest Church (working title) is looking to see where God is leading and calling us.

Please do use the Peckwood Prayer and pray it often, or pray part of it.    Not just on 16th April, but whenever you can.   Thank you

A Circuit Prayer for God’s work at Peckwood
Loving God, Creator of all that is good, 
We pray for the work of Peckwood: its past, its present, and its future.
We give thanks for the original gift of the wood to the church, for the generosity of the Patrick family, 
and for the generations of young people who have enjoyed the refreshment and freedom of holidays in that place.
We pray for the management committee and volunteers in their faithful stewardship of the centre, 
and for the volunteers who care for and maintain woodland in good order.
We pray for the residents of Rowney Green, Peckwood’s closest neighbours and give thanks for their love for Peckwood.
We pray for the pioneering ministry at Peckwood. 
We pray that you would bless the work that is being done there, and the work that will be done.  
We pray that you would use its beauty to speak to people, young and old, of your re-creating love and grace. 
We pray that you would give us the wisdom and discernment to find ways to minister in that place.   
Guide and direct us in ways we can be part of your work there.
Help us to be encouragers.  Call us to be kingdom builders.
We pray for Reverend Ruth and all who join in with her in ministry both in and out of the wood.    
We pray that you would protect them from harm, and that you would give them
the strength to continue their work even in the face of challenges.  
Equip, enable and inspire the ministry at Peckwood.
We pray that you would use Peckwood as a beacon of hope and light in the community,
be with us as we work with you to build that hope.
We pray that you would draw many people to yourself through the work that is being done there.

In Jesus’ name, Amen. 

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