Plan for Rev Steve Levett to go part time

Potential changes in the  ministry of Rev Stephen Levett from September 1st 2023 and impact on the churches currently under my pastoral care.

Dear friends

As many of you know my family situation has been challenging in recent years, primarily due to my wife Louise’s ongoing debilitating illness which currently shows little sign of significantly improving. I have appreciated your ongoing expressions of interest, understanding and care.

Continuing in full time ministry in the longer term, whilst also acting as a carer and carrying most of the responsibilities of running a household, feels increasingly unsustainable. It does not easily allow me to give Louise the attention and support she needs and deserves. It also risks threatening my own wellbeing as well as my effectiveness as a minister.

Recent discussions with the Circuit Stewards, District Chair Rev Novette Headley, and Connexional officers, indicate it would be best if I could work on a part time basis from this coming September 1st 2023.

The preferred option being explored is for me to continue as the Superintendent Minister on a half time basis with a new minister being sought to take pastoral oversight for Bromsgrove, St Andrews and Studley Methodist Churches.

I’m conscious this will be fresh news to most of you and that you may have questions to ask and want to seek some clarifications. A fuller briefing on matters relating to this announcement is available here: Steve Levett potential ministry changes notice to churches full briefing

I’m also happy to be approached to talk about matters. Above all I would value your prayers for myself and family in our ongoing challenges and during this somewhat uncertain time. In addition, please remember the congregations of Bromsgrove, St Andrews and Studley in the uncertainty they also face, along with the Circuit Leadership Team as they do the work of seeking to provide ministry in the churches concerned.

Every Blessing

Rev Steve Levett

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  1. Sheila Gavin - December 3, 2023 at 9:45 pm Reply

    On checking your latest news I was sorry to hear about Louise and her need for care and you going part time. Health is very important and very precious . You never realise this until problems arise. I am at high risk of osteoprosis so very afraid of falling and fractures. Trust you are having lots of support and you dont over stretch your energy .

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