Mothers’ Union Visit

Headless Cross Mothers Union members, together with some friends, spent a most informative and enjoyable afternoon at Redditch Mosque, being shown round by Tasnim Khawaja on Tuesday 5th November. With the help of some of the established Syrian refugees, we learned about the call to prayer, and the actual praying was demonstrated for us. We were shown round the two main rooms, which were very different from a church building. Very few seats, no pictures on the walls, everybody having to remove their shoes and women having to cover their heads. The washing before prayers was demonstrated for us, and we were shown where the women pray, separately from the men.
We could admire the beautiful dome in the upstairs room, and the marble walls. Tasnim explained how the children come to the mosque every weeknight to study and learn, as the Koran is in Arabic. For Syrians, Arabic is their first language, but other nationalities have to learn Arabic in order to understand the Koran.
Time then for a cup of tea, and an opportunity to buy some of the food prepared as samples for the new Syrian food stall on Redditch market. It will be set up near the library on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. The food is vegetarian, sweet or savoury. This is a new venture for people who came here as refugees from the war in Syria with nothing. Please visit the stall: the food is delicious and the stall is open from 9am to 4pm.
The MU’s next meeting is on Tuesday 3rd December at 2pm and will be a Eucharist and a Christmas party. All welcome.

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