Delving Deep into Mark’s Gospel

Delving Deep into Mark’s Gospel

As lockdown continues, and restrictions are likely to continue yet a while, it might just provide an opportunity for some of us to dedicate more time to the reading of scripture than normal. I want to suggest we delve deeply into Mark’s gospel. Why? Firstly, of the four gospels Mark’s is the shortest so it is a manageable read. Secondly, it is also the gospel given most attention in the church year we find ourselves in, passages appearing regularly in the lectionary. It would be good to get to know it and not simply depend on the odd snippet here and there. I suggest the following ways can help our engagement with Mark.

Firstly Get to know it. It is a self-contained book. It is the sort of book in the Bible that can be and should on occasions be read as a whole. You can probably do so in less than two hours. So just read it. In this way we might get a better sense of the flow, themes, and how the whole story as presented by Mark fits together. If you struggle to read it how about listening to it read? The actor David Suchet did a fine job of doing this in a reading of the entirety of Mark’s gospel from St Paul’s Cathedral. It is freely available on YouTube. If you are into audio books you can download it, possibly for free. See NIV Bible: the Gospels by New International Version | Hachette UK ( and then follow the links for purchasing. For those offline we can get hold of it on CD along with the other three gospels for £9.99 or less. Let me know if you want me to order one for you.

Secondly dwell in it. Lent is a traditional season for engaging in spiritual disciplines including the reading of scripture. From Ash Wednesday, February 17th, I will make available a daily reading scheme enabling readers to read and dwell on a shorter passage each day. See bottom of article for schedule.

Thirdly pray it. From Ash Wednesday each day for those able to join me I will be using the passages in the 8am morning prayers I lead via Facebook live, and we will pray into the passage.

Fourthly discuss it. On Tuesday evenings throughout Lent, from 23rd February through Easter to 6th April, I will host a weekly study and discussion group where we can share insights. This group will be held on Zoom. Contact Steve Levett for meeting log in details.
Meeting ID: 851 5742 1656
Passcode: 278423

Through these means I hope we find ways to get to know and deeply dwell in Mark’s Gospel. More importantly, my prayer is that we will find that Mark’s Gospel comes to dwell deep within us. Whilst it is good to gain information and grow in understanding, above all we need transformation. The gospel begins by saying it is the beginning of the Good News. So my heartfelt prayer is that ..
Fifthly, we will Receive it<img

Rev Stephen Levett

Reading scheme:
Week 1 (short)
Wednesday 17th February Mark 1:1-13
Thur 18th 1:14-28
Fri 19th 1:29-45
Sat 20th 2:1-17

Week 2
Monday 22nd February Mark 2:18-28
Tues 23rd 3:1-12
Wed 24th 3:13-35
Thur 25th 4:1-20
Fri 26th 4:21-34
Sat 27th 4:35-41

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