Circuit Forums Thursday 16th and 30th July. Presentation and notes on conversations

The Circuit forum will be held on Thursday 16th and 30th July. The main focus was be to discuss the questions included in the document presented on July 16th and accessible by the link below.

A Circuit forum was held on the evenings of Thursday 16th July via Zoom. The gathering was consultative rather than an official decision making meeting. Churches were invited to send at least two representatives. The aim was to facilitate some sharing across the circuit, where possible answer questions, share ideas, and depending upon the direction of the conversation make suggestions for consideration by formal groups within the circuit such as the Circuit Leadership Team or the Circuit Meeting. In the event no specific proposals arose.

Please see the link below for a flavour of the forums, which were attended by 26 people and 20 people respectively. It includes a presentation by Steve Levett, some questions we might address (in the event we did not address many of them!) and some notes of the ensuing conversations. These do not constitute formal minutes as it was not a formal meeting.

Circuit Forum via Zoom Thursday 16th and 30th July 2020

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